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Fly Ash Bricks

Jebajeyam Bricks manufacturers Fly ash bricks with the automated technology and machinery. Fly ash bricks replace the bricks in many aspects and on the cost-effectiveness. Fly ash bricks sell cheaper than the bricks but offers a big gain in overall construction cost. FAB is a novel phenomenon in the construction market.


Timely delivery of the bricks is assured to the clients. We have been excelling in the market of FAB in the recent times. There are several things contributed to the success of us; timely delivery, novelty, reliability and hard work. Our bricks are widely used in several construction purposes in the real estate fraternity in Chennai. We have successfully won the confidence of many reputed real estate giants in the city, which are our regular customers.



About us

This company started in a small way in 1985 at Chingelpet near Chennai in South India. Under the efficient leadership of Mr. K. David Bhaskaran, this small beginning to produce and market bricks brought in more


"Bricks from Jebajeyam are purely Indian. They are durable in nature; can withstand any climatic conditions and changes. Jebajeyam's strength would be attributed to the quality they deliver."

- Er.J.Cibi Jacob
Structural Engineer.