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Quality and Reliability


We started our company with a small kiln manufacturing red clay bricks way back in 1985. Twenty Seven long years in brick manufacturing has yielded good results making us one of the leading brick manufacturers in Chennai. We baked bricks in our kiln for these years to the most renowned real estate builders in Chennai. All the raw materials such as mud and sand are quarried from the scientifically tested spots. With the right proportion of raw materials, such as clay and sand to reduce shrinkage, the mix is properly pressed and fired in the klins resulting in the best bricks. All these processes from quarrying to supplying finished bricks our done under the supervision of our experts.


Bricks become stronger and solid only when all the processes of brick manufacturing techniques are employed. Our bricks are best to be used for all the construction works. The engineers prefer to use our bricks over and over again due to the durability and toughness.The quality of our bricks.The bricks produced by us have very negligible dimension differences.Hence they are very mason friendly. The very fact of being in the business for 2 + year is enough to prove.


Modern machinery is worth mentioning here. Nevertheless, we still follow the traditional methods of making bricks, as they are very relevant to the modern times. The red clay bricks are manufactured in the traditional brick making techniques. Knock on every block tells the story of its making. Our bricks meet the international standards pertaining to the manufacturing and distribution of bricks.



About us

This company started in a small way in 1985 at Chingelpet near Chennai in South India. Under the efficient leadership of Mr. K. David Bhaskaran, this small beginning to produce and market bricks brought in more


"Bricks from Jebajeyam are purely Indian. They are durable in nature; can withstand any climatic conditions and changes. Jebajeyam's strength would be attributed to the quality they deliver."

- Er.J.Cibi Jacob
Structural Engineer.